Monday, November 1, 2010

Tomorrow's Vote

For my friends who could use some help tomorrow. Here are my voting plans for tomorrow. The list mostly reflects the NRA recommended list. This is a particularly important time for 2nd Amendment rights in the state of Ohio. So Governor, Supreme Court, Attorney General and State House and State Senate are particularly critical choices.

The most important ones are in orange.

Governor - Ted Strickland (D)
Lieutenant Governor - Mary Taylor (R)
Attorney General - Richard Cordray (D)
Secretary of State - Jon Husted (R)
Auditor - Dave Yost (R)
Treasurer - Josh Mandel (R)
Chief Justice of Ohio Supreme Court - Maureen O'Connor (R)
Justice of Ohio Supreme Court - Judith Ann Lanzinger (R)
State Senate - Frank LaRose (R)
State House - Lynn Slaby (R)
US Senate - Rob Portman (R)
US House - Steve LaTourette (R)

For auditor the Democratic opponent didn't seem bad either. Both were pro-gun (not that it matters for an auditor). The Republican was endorsed by CPAs and the Democrat was endorsed by mostly newspapers. I think I'll side with the accountants.

There is also a school levy I think I'm going to vote for. It sounds like they have been trying to be frugal.

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