Saturday, July 3, 2010

Punderson State Park - Recon

I saw online that Punderson State Park has an archery range--an unattended range. I was expecting perhaps some land set aside with signs and maybe some marked boxes on the ground showing where to stand and where to put the targets you brought with you.

I was curious and decided to go check it out since I was in the area. What I found was much more impressive than I expected.

They have a range going out to at least 50 yards with actual target backstops already in place.

Here's one from a distance. Notice there are also grooves for sledding on the hill in winter.

In addition to the fairly standard looking range, they also have something like an archery golf course back through the woods. You move from station to station and shoot.

Some additional random notes about Punderson:
  • There is pretty decent tennis court at the top of the hill.
  • There is a golf course and a Frisbee golf course.
  • Restroom facilities range from not very good to actual hole in ground. Take some sanitizer.

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