Sunday, March 20, 2011

First trip to the range 2011.

Today I finally got to enjoy my first day of target practice this year without snow on the ground. My trip to the ODNR range turned out to be much more pleasant that I hoped as the temperature quickly reached 60F. I had planned to hop around the between the 50 and 25 yard ranges for some rifle and pistol shooting. However, I ended up just camping on the 50 trying to master my Ruger 10/22 with iron sights. I still had a few adjustments to make to the sights to get it shooting straight. I think I mostly have dialed into the point where any fault in aiming is mine now. Here are some of my targets with quarter included for size reference.

As you can see I was getting better at the end, but you'd still stand a fair chance of a long and happy life as a red dot on the other end of my Ruger 10/22 at 50 yards.

Then I switched over to my Savage 17 HMR + scope package--still at 50 yards.  These pictures include a dime for reference.  Every shot fired is on that target at least in the black of the one I was aiming at.  I do love that gun.

After finishing up at the rifle range I went looking for the unsupervised hand trap, clay shooting, range.  I had heard rumor of it, and had even seen it on the park map.   However, it still wasn't clear to me exactly where it was or what to expect.  I did find it.  There were about 6 people there when I arrived. I managed to avoid getting them in my pictures.  My thought was it would be nice to use a clay launcher, but I wasn't sure if it was allowed.  I found very limited signage, and the people there were using a spring loaded launcher.  So, I guess it is ok.

Below is a map showing the unsupervised hand trap area.  GPS: N41 23.471 W80 55.419

View Grand River Hand Trap Clay Range in a larger map
Here are the signs I found:
This was at the entrance.  Notice there is no real mention of a target range.

This sign is as you leave the parking lot headed toward the range.  Notice that some idiot shot it.

This picture and the next one are from the firing line looking out over the target field.

I think I'll be getting a clay thrower so I can give this a try sometime in the future.

After that, I finished the trip up with a stop to Blazing Bill's for the best perch sandwich I've been able to find.   All in all, it was a very good day.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Restaurant Carry HB45 up for committee vote

The Ohio House restaurant carry bill may be up for a committee vote March 8th. Now is the time to contact your representatives to show support. More details available here at the Buckeye Firearms Association.