Saturday, November 11, 2017

YouTube Gun Channels

It has been a long time since I've posted anything. I thought I would present of rundown of the interesting gun related YouTube Channels you might want to add to your subscription list.
  • Hickock45 - This is the wise elder of firearm YouTubers.  He's a former teacher and current gun lover with an his own outdoor range.  He's educational and family friendly.  He's everything you hope a responsible gun owner might be.  So, take notes and emulate.  He has reviewed countless firearms.  If you're a new gun owner search for his instructional videos just for you.
  • 22Plinkster - A skilled marksman who can do amazing trick shots with a 22LR pistol or rifle.  He's also family friendly and has a lot of fun on his home outdoor range.
  • Military Arms Channel (MAC) - This is primarily a gun and silencer review channel.  Tim produces high quality, well edited content and could easily have is own TV show.  He runs his own gun shop called Copper Custom and started a video content rival to YouTube specifically for gun content called  Many of these channels can also be found there.  Unfortunately that website project seems to be dying of neglect.
  • Demolition Ranch - This channel is mostly just goofy guy having fun with guns and bringing you along for the ride.  It is a fun channel to watch and is often educational.  He also does a lot of things that your mother, an insurance company, or any cautious person considered a bad idea.  He's loads of fun to watch, but don't try this at home folks.
  • tnoutdoors9 - Sadly this YouTuber isn't making any more videos but the existing content is well worth a watch if you're choosing ammunition to use in a gun for daily carry.  He's done a lot of scientific testing on various rounds with a level of detail unparalleled in video.  He never claims it is truly scientific, but it is the most scientific third-party evaluation of most ammunition out there.
  • Ted's Holdover - Ted is air rifle sniper with love of pest extermination.  He does reviews of high-end air rifles and hunting videos.  If you are bothered by seeing squirrels and pigeons wiped from existence this probably isn't the channel for you.  However, Ted has a real zest for life and infectious personality.  He doesn't post very often, but his videos are nearly always a treat to watch.  His still is something to behold.
  • TiborasaurusRex - This channel varies a bit so I'm linking to specific playlist called Sniper 101.  This YouTuber is an ex-military sniper and knows a whole lot about long range shooing.  If you're looking to build a long range gun and learn how to use it, this is for you.  You'll also get some philosophy along the way.  Take it or leave it.
  • Colion Noir -This channel is kind of like "Top Gear" for guns in terms of production glitter.  It used be better than it is--before the NRA made him a spokesman.  Still, give it a watch.  You might like it.
  • Iraqveteran8888 - They do gun reviews and some other interesting content.  They tend to be a bit long-winded.
  • nutnfancy - This is one of the oldest gun channels on the internet.  He does gun reviews and other gear reviews.  Be warned, if you look up "long-winded" in the dictionary it should just have link to nutnfancy's channel.  He does have good information, but you'll need at least 50 minutes to get it.  
  • Royal Nonesuch - This isn't really a YouTube channel anymore.  He's a young man that makes homemade guns from scratch.  After a few years of posting video YouTube killed his channel for being too awesome.  You can now find the gun content only over at