Sunday, August 5, 2012

Robinhood's Blind Cousin

Today I made another trip to the Punderson State Park archery range.  I'm still not good enough to shoot the course there, so I just hung at the 20 yard target on the practice range.  I think I am improving.   I mounted a paper pistol target as an aiming point.  Some of them were fairly close to the bullseye, but more importantly I was able to hit at least somewhere on paper about 80% of the time.  Here's one of my better sets.  For reference, I believe that bullseye is 2 inches in diameter.

Accuracy still needs some work but my consistency is definitely improving.  For instance, I managed to robinhood one of my arrows accidentally.

Regular arrow, and robinhooded arrow.
I wish I could say this happened in the center of the bullseye, but it was actually a good foot and half off the paper.  I just happened to send 2 wild shots in my six shot set to the exact came place.  I heard a metal on metal sound and saw my arrow bounce away from the target.

My target did end up with lots of adjoining holes--just not in the red.   I still have work to do, but there is hope.