Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting Better

I got lucky Saturday with a bright sunny day where the rains that was predicted mostly didn't materialize.  So, I decided to give the clay shooting range another try.

I was a bit concerned the range might be busy since this time I was going on a weekend.   It was busy, but not unmanageably so.  There was a group of 3 people there with a hand tosser.   They seemed to be having a lot of fun but were having some difficulty getting the clays to go where they wanted them.  So I set up as far as I could away from them down the shooting line.  They cleared out maybe 20 minutes into my session and I didn't see anyone else until I was leaving.

My skills at clay shooting have definitely improved since my last session.  I started out shooting singles and was hitting a very high percentage of them.   I wasn't keeping score, but I'm guessing probably 17 of the first 20 shots were hits.  Because it was going to so well, I switched to doubles.  I was steadily hitting the first of the 2 shots, but missing the second   Soon I was hitting the doubles as well, but only sporadically.  This I think is video of one of my double hits.  The video quality isn't quite good enough to see for sure.  I think the falling objects you see after the shots are just the shotgun wads.

Later on I was joined by a crazy bird that showed no fear of gunfire.  Here you can see me pausing to avoid shooting it.

I believe it was a vulture.  In farm country, vultures are attracted to gunfire because it often means there is a newly deceased groundhog lying in the field.