Friday, May 18, 2012

Breaking out the rifle again.

As is my tradition, I got lucky and picked an amazingly beautiful day to take off work--weeks in advance.  Sunny, dry, mid-70s.  It dosen't get much better than this in Ohio--or anywhere. 

For my day off, I made a trip to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Grand River Wildlife Area shooting range in West Farmington, and spent the afternoon getting to know may Savage .308 Win and .17 HMR again.  I really love Savage, they make amazing bolt action rifles.  In someone else's hands they can be very accurate. 

Behind the shooting line at the ODNR Range
Below is my first target sheet of the day at the 100-yard range.  My very first shot was the bullseye on the lower right hand target.  Unfortunately, my shots didn't improve from there.  My first shot was my best shot.

One of the interesting phenomena at ranges is that the animals can become completely desensitized to gunfire.  Birds, rabbits, ground hogs, you name it.   As long as they know they aren't the target, they are fearless.  Take this redwinged blackbird who was just hanging out as an example.

This was a fine way to spend my day off, and I hope to do it again before too long.  With luck, I might get in some pistol shooting this same weekend.

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