Sunday, February 13, 2011

Restaurant Carry Lives Again

The restaurant carry bills have returned to the Ohio legislature. This time they separated the part of the bill that would allow people who had committed certain minor drug related crimes to eventually get their second amendment rights returned. I think it was a wise move to separate them.

Details at

Restaurant Carry: HB45, SB17
Restoration of Rights: HB54, SB61

I fully support, encourage, and desire restaurant carry. I encourage all how read this to support it as well.

I am less certain on the restoration of rights to misdemeanor drug offenders. I'd much rather we make up our minds as to whether using things like marijuana are really crimes or not. Treating it as half a crime isn't good for anyone. As it is, I'm torn. Important human right restored, or less-than-totally-responsible person with gun. I'd love to see a video of debate on HB54/SB61. I'd love to see some stats showing drug users aren't overwhelmingly total dumbasses and failures at life before deciding. I haven't met enough to know.

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