Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Range report

A while ago I posted the story of how my purchase of a rifle scope off ebay went horribly wrong. I did eventually get the scope I wanted from another vendor and got it attached to a shiny new rifle. So I thought I would share my results. Here are the results on my last 2 targets at 100 yard.

These were shot using a Savage Arms Model 12 Varminter Low Profile in .308 Win with an Osprey 6-24x50mm scope off a Harris bench rest bipod on a wooden bench. The ammunition was military surplus 7.62x51 NATO FMJ boat tails made in Lithuania.

Being fairly new to shooting rifles as powerful as a .308 Win, it took me most of my range time to get used to dealing with the recoil. The Savage 2 stage accutrigger system helps a lot, but it can't negate the shooter flinching in anticipation of recoil.

The point of this post is just to say again what many already know... Savage makes extremely accurate rifles. It will be some time until I can use this one to its full potential. I am very impressed with the rifle and the scope. I'm sure there are better scopes in existence, but for the price I think you would have a hard time beating the Osprey.

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